WHY CREATE A PUBLIC RELATIONS EVENT?  Most people immediately decide that they are going to put a product or service on sale to attract attention.  It seems logical.  You’ve got too much of some product that isn’t moving and you want to get rid of it so you put it on sale, and advertise the life out of it.   People are so used to this that it is usually fails.  You want people to buy your product without getting them used to waiting for periodic discounts.


HOW DO I CREATE A PUBLIC RELATIONS EVENT?  If your company has a softball team, a bowling league, a volley ball team you already have the basis of an event.  Gather your team and challenge the team of another company to a ‘tournament’ to raise money for a local charity.  This type of thing not only advertises itself as posters like ‘A.J’s Auto and  T.J’s Bakery Bowl-Off to prevent Cancer’, but can be supported with custom tee shirts, which, if designed well, will be worn for years after the event.


WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE FOR A COMPANY TEAM? This is easy.  You don’t need to have a bowling league or a softball team.  Do you have people who walk, run, bicycle, or jog for fun?  If you even have four of these folks, you can call this your company team.  If they are willing to walk or run together, encourage them to sign up for whatever local charity event they can easily participate in.  Your company may need to pay the entry fees, although these should be tax deductible.  If there is even only one person on your company who participates in a sport, you can still offer to pay that person’s entry fees in return for using them as a focus for the company’s PR.  Entry fees generally run between $15.00 and $75.00, depending on the Charity.


HOW DO I TURN MY EVENT INTO PR?   At the end of the event, you simply write about it.  Most people can write a stunning essay if they just spend a quiet hour or two thinking about it.  There is a basic formula to follow: WHO:  A.J.’s Auto and T.J’s Bakery.  WHAT: Had a Bowl-Off.  WHERE: At Sarah’s Bowlarama: WHEN: Saturday, Dec, 10 WHY: To raise money for Sunshine Children’s Clinic.  Even if you have never written a paragraph in your life, you can write this one.

   AJ’s Auto wins a victory against TJ’s Bakery in the Bowl Off for the Sunshine Children’s Clinic.   On Saturday, December 10, the AJ team, led by company president AJ, beat the TJ team led by the head baker, Bob, at the face off in Sarah’s Bowlarama.  Although Bob’s score was above expectations, AJ managed to pull off the defeat with a bit of luck.  The proceeds of the day, which exceeded $1,500.00 were all donated to the Sunshine Children’s Clinic.

*If you have a friend who is a writer, even better, offer that person $10.00 for a 500 word piece and you will both be happy. Many local newspapers will run a small article about a charity event for free.  This gives you free PR.  AJ’ auto gives money to children’s charities.  People will remember that and people will make the assumption that a company that cares about children is not going to do faulty auto work.

Public Relations and Promotion

 Getting the Attention You Deserve

Today’s market is highly competitive with the vast majority of customers and clients now searching for a specific meaning in relation to the product or service they offer.  People are no longer content to just buy a can of chili, a pair of shoes, or a car repair.  They want the company providing that service to be socially aware to some extent or another.

But how can the average small business promote itself as socially aware without paying a huge Public Relations Firm thousands of dollars to ‘get the brand out there’?

Well, the honest fact is that you can do most public relations yourself with the aid of a few internet tools.   Yes, there are companies that offer free PR services; you just need to know where to find them and how to use them.  Other companies can give you a lot of good PR space, for a very low monthly fee. With the spare time and the inclination you can do a lot to promote your business for free; or maybe you have a staff member who is more organized and will take on this project for you.   To start, follow a simple outline to create a promotable PR event that will get tongues wagging!

Public Relations and Promotion 

  Your key to success in Today's Competitive Market

If you want to succeed, you need great P.R. and marketing.  But not all companies have the budget to pay for a high dollar firm to do it for them.

Now there is a place that AWCW highly endorses as a wonderful place to find qualified professionals that fit in your budget.

Fiverr.com is an on line marketplace of talented professionals who are happy to give you a sample of their work for five dollars.  So instead of spending  a thousand dollars on a radio ad that may or may not attract customers, you can spend less than ten dollars on a one time spot with no pressure to buy more.

If you need business services either one time or on a long time contract, Fiverr should be the first place you go.

Making Money with Your Website:

You’ve done all of the hard work, now it is time to flex your earning muscles and get yourself paid. Retailing and reselling have an easy cash flow to follow. If you had a storefront in a mall, people would walk in with money and walk out with their purchase.  Your set up needs to be a little different, you need to manage your funds, and the best way to manage your internet funds is going to be a Pay Pal account.  PayPal allows people to purchase what they want from you using a credit card, cash or check, but relieves you of the burden of tracking a lot of different payment types.  If you have an Information and entertainment website, you will probably rely solely on advertising for income.

Go on line and set up a Pay Pal account that is connected to a bank account you plan to only use for business.

Once Your Pay Pal account is activated, they will provide you with ‘Buy Now’ buttons that you can add to the descriptions of each product on your website.

If you have an information website, or if you want to make extra income from your retail website, you can run advertising for other companies.  It is easy to run a web search for companies that will place per click ads; you can become a Bing or Google advertising partner.  Another easy place to start is with Commission Junction.  This is a company that brokers advertising space for a multitude of companies, and once you pass their approval guidelines, they will position you to make monthly income every time one of your website visitors click through to make a purchase.  You stand to make good commissions if your visitors purchase expensive items. Don’t forget to contact your local businesses. They may also be interested in paying you a fee for advertising.



For reasons unknown to even the best business professionals, even the best run and best funded businesses fail.  It could be the location, it could be the employees, it could be the product, it could be the competition it could be all of those factors or none of those factors.  This business advice is an outline for your to follow, but in no way guarantees success in your venture.  Your success is 100% up to you.  And Whatever Concept Works is in no way responsible any type of failure, lack of income, loss of income, litigation, loss, misdeed, unfortunate incident or anything that results from your use of any kind of information, including business advice, and/ or any suggestions on this or any other related website.