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In this century if you want an item handcrafted by an American artisan, you will have a long search before you find an artist who puts thought and care into each creation.   Aquarius Custom Jewelry is owned and operated by such an artist.  For over twenty years, Brian McIlwee has researched the properties of the gems, crystals and stones used in jewelry making.  From the secret Lapis mines of the Kokcha Valley, the treasured Amethysts of Minoan Crete and the rich Malachite mines of ancient Egypt; Brian has gathered and studied gemstone lore.  Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted individually with this lore in mind.

Specific minerals and gems have been important to humans since the dawn of time, and jewelry evolved so we can carry our particular amulet stones with us.

Aquarius Custom Jewelry is committed to crafting fine, original, wearable art using crystals, gemstones, glass, metals and other materials in balance to create a healthful wearing experience.  Each piece is offered at a specific low price although work crafted per contract can be pricey.  All items on the website are one of a kind.  Once an item is sold, it is gone, so a fashion savvy shopper would be advised to purchase what they want immediately. 

New Budgeting Course Gives You Easy To Use Budgets Without Headaches and Tears

Many people ask the question, “How did all of these rich people get and keep all of their money?”  Most people don’t get rich by accident, and no matter what you have heard most rich people did not inherit their wealth.  Even the people who have inherited great wealth know their wealth was accumulated because someone had both determination and discipline enough to take the correct path and create a budget plan that allowed them to create and save wealth for them and their families.

Everyone has heard of the wealthy people who have somehow lost all of their money, and a lot of people wonder how that happened.


A certain billionaire was reported to have advised people – ‘Save part of your earnings first, then you spend what is left.’  When you think about that, then you will wonder why people will look at the act of planning a budget and saving like they are depriving themselves of something.

You know that isn’t really true, but the media has you so flooded with brand new and better goods, that you often begin to feel like you are missing something if you do not have that latest and shiniest current fad.

A well planned out budget can put that nagging feeling to rest while insuring that your basic needs are always covered.  Having a budget means that you will know what is in your bank account and how much money you will have on a week to week basis for things like rent, food, transportation and, of course, fun.

Best Budgets for Success and Excellence in Your Life by Excellence-Success could be the Best Budget Book Ever. This book gives you easy step by step budgets that area actually planned out for you on a weekly basis for up to 104 weeks.  There are budgets for students saving to move from home, college graduates trying to pay off student loans, and professionals’ earning over $50,000.00 a year.  This book has recipes, menu plans and even grocery lists to help you budget wisely and even a section on how to adapt each budget to any every specific need you have.

This kind of planning permits you to make a spending arrangement for your cash and it guarantees that you will dependably have enough cash for the things you require and the things that are critical to you. Taking control of yourself with a financial plan or spending arrangement such as a budget will likewise keep you out of monetary obligations or offer you some assistance with working out of debt in the event that you have creditors.

Best Budgets for Success and Excellence in Your Lifegives you critical planning, which is the most fundamental and the best apparatus for dealing with your money. Yet, a great many people abstain from doing it on the grounds that it is extra work.  This book takes the effort and angst out of budget planning. This is an amazing book for everyone who wants to learn to eliminate debt, save money and become wealthy.

I have fish tanks located in both areas.

Do not put your fish tank in your kitchen area as this will cause money problems, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the location of the hearth fires, and the water element of the fish tank will disrupt this.

Locating the fish tank in your bedroom will invite illness. The bedroom is the center of your energy and although you may feel that the constant movement of the water will renew you, the opposite is true, the constant movement will weaken your grounding and leave you unstable and vulnerable to both illness and psychic attack.

If you are ill, you cannot gain wealth or enjoy the wealth that you have.

Your aquarium must be maintained well and the fish kept happy for positive energy to accrue.  We recommend a 10 gallon aquarium equipped with filters, aeration,  a heater and thermometer, gravel, plants and ‘props’. Colorful aquarium fish originated in tropical creeks and streams but you can use plants and gravel sold at any pet store to duplicate their environment.  Your fish will be happiest in a tank kept at or close to 24C or 75F.

Best Budgets for Excellence and Success in YOUR LIFE

   Make Your Hair Beautiful

   with these healthy steps!

By 2008 my hair had given up.  Between trendy colors, bad hair appliances, too much product and general bad advice my long hair was a scam.  I had to keep it long in order to put it in an bun because it was so damaged, cutting off the problems would have left me with two inches of unruly frizz. 

I asked a young woman with experience in such things, and after using her advice, by 2013 I had a foot of beautiful, healthy hair.

Hair, at its essence is nourished from the inside out.  Promote healthy hair by eating enough lean protein daily.  Divide your body weight by 2.  That is the number of grams of lean protein you should be aiming for daily.

Remove tangles before you shampoo.   Gently section your hair then brush tangles out in short strokes starting at the ends and working up to the root.

Keep your system clean by eating a system cleaning cocktail daily.  One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of either red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar either as a salad dressing or plain daily will give your system a terrific boost!

Unless your hair is extra oily don’t wash it every day.

When you do wash your hair, make certain it is tangle free before you get in the shower, then use your fingers to gently detangle while you apply conditioner.  Don’t comb or brush during this phase.

 Unless it is a leave in conditioner, don’t leave it in longer than the instructions on the bottle.  Over conditioned hair will damage and break more easily.

 Work a few small drops of olive oil into your scalp once a week, after you wash.  Small drops.

 Your Symbolic Companion Fish


A fish tank is a very expressive and relaxing decorating feature, which will help you improve your life by adding a low maintenance companion animal, along with a serene oasis that will let you compose your thoughts.  According to Feng Shui, fish represent wealth and success and bring Yang energy into your home.The location of the Fish Tank in the home will affect the Wealth Energy either positively or negatively. To positively affect the wealth energy you should place your fish tank in the southeast area of your home.  To attract positive career energy, the fish tank should be placed at the north end of your home. 

I have fish tanks located in both areas

When you populate your aquarium, you would do best with a community of lively purposeful fish.  Most people will automatically go out and buy several goldfish.  Unless you are ready to spend $80,000.00 each on a group Arowana or even just $60 each for several Ranchu, there are many other varieties of colorful aquarium fish that will bring your positive energies into balance.

The population of your aquarium should be 8.   This is a very prosperous and significant number.  Eight is the number of material progress and health.  8 represents both balance and regeneration.

Frogs are a significant symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui.  There are several fresh water varieties that are easy to care for.  Buy three.

A Beta, also known as a ‘Siamese Fighting Fish’ should be the centerpiece of your aquarium.  They are smart and they live for years.  They thrive in an aquarium setting with frogs and docile, sociable, fish.  Most pet stores will tell you that Betas cannot socialize with other fish and that they must be kept in small bowls but that is not true and if you want your lucky Beta to be a companion for many years, you will get him an aquarium. Our favorite aquarium fish originated from tropical creeks and streams and socialized with other fish.  Betas are only aggressive to other Betas or fish with big tails.  Spend the extra money to get yourself a Half-Moon Beta.  You will pay about $16.00.  Look for a fish with mostly red or gold markings.  Buy one.

Finally, add some Glo Fish.  They are amazing, colorful and frisky little fish.  They will be a perfect addition to your aquarium.  Your beta will love to ‘herd’ them much like a border collie loves to herd sheep.  For best results get the orange or red glo fish.  Buy four.  If you do not like the glo fish, or you cannot find them locally get either 4 green corydoras or 4 plain guppies.

 If you normally relax your hair, consider using products like Tresemme Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner for a few months instead.  The Keratin helps keep hair smooth for days without subjecting it to harsh chemicals.

 Every few months, trim a quarter inch off the ends.  This will allow your hair to grow back while slowly eliminating the damage.

No radical hair color changes. Touch up the roots if you need to, but, as much as possible, go back to your natural color until your hair recovers.

Other essential oils, such as fish oil and evening primrose oil have micro nutrients that are essential to healthy hair.  You should remember to take 1,000 mg of each every day to keep your hair follicles happy.

If you use hair appliances, make certain they are all tourmaline or ceramic.  Both protect your hair, but the Tourmaline is a mineral that actually enhances the shine while decreasing some frizz.

Above all, give it time.  Hair only grows a half inch a month and it took time to create the damage in the first place.  If you follow these strategies daily, you will start to see a difference in a month or two, as soon as your hair perks up and begins to grow out.