Recently, a new book called ‘Now You Can Work From Home’, has promised to give people an ‘instruction’ on many work from home opportunities.  Therefore we downloaded it and selected one ‘work from home career’ to start.  The one we selected was ‘Wall and Paper Designer’. Although I have a professional graphics program, the book says you can do everything in ‘Paint’ and ‘Word’.  So that is what we used.

The book told us we needed to start with original art to avoid copyright infringement. After taking several photographs with a regular cellphone camera, we selected on and opened it in Word, where we made a few ‘image adjustments’ with the tools in Word.  We then copied the image and pasted it in Paint, where we made a few more adjustments and then saved it as a jpeg.  We also created a couple of graphic designs using only the tools in paint and saved that as a jpeg.

The book tells us to join a website called ‘Spoonflower. This, amazingly enough is free! Once you have joined you want to click on ‘Sell’.  Now you can upload the design you just created in ‘Paint’. Spoonflower gives you easy tools that you can use to make the design into a ‘repeating pattern’ that you can put on fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap.

Not everything is free, however because, when you are happy with your design, you save it, but Spoonflower does not make your design available to the public until you purchase and approve a ‘proof ‘ sample that will cost you $5.  If you upload 10 designs at one time, you will spend $50.00.

But, I understand that you can now take those samples and market your designs to family, friends and local craft shops.

So, the book is correct, this is a real business you can start anywhere, after you create ‘artwork’ that you think would look good as a piece of fabric (to be made into clothing), gift wrap or wall paper.

Spoonflower is a North Carolina, USA based company specializes in helping both artists and individuals get their designs printed and out to the public without charging ridiculous ‘up-front’ fees and forcing you to purchase thousands of dollars of your own design and warehouse hundreds of yards of fabrics at additional cost.

Every time someone orders 100 yards of your $15.00 per yard fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper, you collect a minimum of $150.00.  If you sell a lot, the commissions go up to 15%

There are also ways to maximize your sales opportunities.  You will definitely want to mention yourself and show your designs on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  If you do not have one, get Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and even Google+ accounts, and update your followers on your newest designs. 

Just remember to do your ‘due diligence’ and make certain to investigate any business you wish to start or invest in. and remember that there are more scams than real opportunities

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An On Line Gallery Can Allow You to Create and Curate..Paintings and Photographs for Profit. 

If you enjoy art shows, galleries and decorating, you may have always wanted your own gallery.  Paintings that hang on the wall have always been treasured by people because they add a specific flair to their homes and offices. Being the owner of a shop that specializes in art allows you to patronize your own artists and develop your own personal taste as a design element for the world.

 You’ve seen the on line art websites that feature paintings and photographs, and you have often wondered what it would take to get your own group of painters and photographers to populate your website with art you have personally selected to represent.

You no longer have to have a huge upfront cost involved in opening your own gallery.  You no longer have to sign a lease on an expensive storefront.  To start, you need to be an artist or have access to an artist who wants their art promoted in this way. Then, you need to buy a basic e commerce website like Shopify so you can sell art.

Finally, you need to locate a company Like 'Easy Canvas Prints', that can reproduce photos of your art in high resolution on a canvas like paper and finish it as an ‘artist wrap’. Most shops that print copies or posters or develop photographs will provide this service.  You can even have this done at a pharmacy like CVS or an office supply store like Staples.

To start, if you are not the artist, get the permission of the artist to sell copies of their art on your website.  You should offer those people 15% to 25% of the net profit from each sale.  They will still own and be able to sell their original; you are selling high quality copies on canvas.  A popular print may sell 100 copies.  Your artist will be well compensated.


Next, you will want use your digital camera or your good cell phone camera to get sharp, high resolution pictures of the art you want to sell in your on line gallery.  If you are selling photographic prints, you will already have the digital copies.

Now put the pictures on your website with a description that will make people want to buy them.  If you have problems with getting started, you can either pay someone to write them for you or you can read catalogs and websites to get ideas.  NEVER copy someone else’s descriptions.

If you have gotten yourself an E-commerce website like Shopify, then you are set up to receive payments.  If not, you will need to set up a PayPal account to receive payments.  That will allow you to put a ‘BuyNow’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button under each item on your website. Price your art at no less than twice what your printer has quoted you to produce one ‘canvas’ artist wrap of  a print.

You will need to check for orders daily.  When an order comes in, the customer will have paid for it in advance.  Now you email the digital copy of the art  to your printer.  They produce it and ship it to your customer. You pay them, and the rest of the money stays in YOUR bank account. .

Remember, if you’ve hired an artist, you will need to pay them their percentage.



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Dropshipping Success

The Sudden Entrepreneur

By J. O’Brian

What if you could work from home?

When you know you have the initiative and will power to start your own business you also begin thinking ‘There must be a business I can work from home.”  You may think this because you already have a full time job and you do not want to quit until you have an income stream.  It may also be that you are in an area where there are not many work opportunities – and because of that if you start your own business, then you will provide both jobs and goods to your neighbors and community.


Some people have ideas but no interest in pursuing them.  Other people have the willpower and drive to succeed yet need a jumpstart on the ideas, and these are the kind of people that scammers prey on.  But, you do not have to let the possibility of scammers keep you from success if you have that will power and drive.