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Be an Entrepreneur and Earn More Money

You see an opportunity and you start thinking, “I can do that.  I can do that thing, and earn money.” If you are the kind of person who thinks that way, then you can become an entrepreneur.  If you have skill at starting, managing and organizing things like events, you can become an entrepreneur.  Any person, who takes on the initiative and risk to start a small business, is an entrepreneur. 


You may see a need in your community; rows of empty store fronts but not one clothing shop, Acres of empty warehouse space, but not one green grocer.  You are the person who says to themselves, “If I open a used clothing store, people will come to me instead of going across town.” You know you can do it, even if you never went to business school, you know in your heart that you can do it, all you need is a chance. is the website for people who want to become entrepreneurs.  You can read articles by successful people and get great information on things you should know.  There are links to business products, business plans and other information you should know. You can read inspirational essays that will inspire you to success on business and in life.



Maximize Your Marketing:

If your website gets no visitor traffic you get no sales.  You need sales to make a profit and you need visitors to your website to make sales.  It can take up to 500 random visitors before you make a sale.  You can promote your website with paid advertising, like Google Ad words or Bing but then you can pay up to a dollar or more for every visitor and then 90% of those people will go away without even looking at your product.  Our ‘Customer Collector’ marketing plan will increase the traffic to your website and increased traffic means increased sales opportunities and that means more opportunity for sales for you.

The ‘Customer Collector’ promotion will run for 30 days and give you an increase of 500 or more visitors per day by using special SEO methods to promote your website.  The cost is $74.95 with a non-refundable fee included for a total of $99.95


If you have a customer counter on your website, you will see the increase almost immediately.  If not we will send you a link to analytics so you can track it yourself.

Fill out the form and we will send you an electronic Invoice.  Once we receive payment, your marketing will begin and we will send you the tracker. At the end of 30 days if your website receives no traffic, let us know and  we will refund your $74.95 payment.  

This is not a guarantee of sales.  People make their own choices based on a number of factors.  We can get visitors to you, but it is up to you to turn them into paying customers.